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by Jonathan Malory

Healing Herb

On this site you will find special articles on remedies, techniques and suggestions for healing yourself at home. However, you must always consult your doctor before trying any of the remedies and techniques that you read on this site and in cases of serious illness.

The New Age philosophy has spread like wildfire in so many different areas of life in such a short period of time. Health and fitness are no exceptions. Combining various old and new religions and mixing eastern and western cultures together, New Age has attracted millions of followers from all over the world. You will often find yourself bumping into people who strive to maintain healthy, holistic, and balanced lives. They do this by focusing on their personal inner growth, by raising their consciousness to a higher level, and by improving their spiritual awareness. These are some of the fundamental beliefs in the New Age philosophy.

While western medicine tends to focus on only addressing the physical side of pain, discomfort and disease, the New Age approach heal these anomalies from within. One way of healing is by focusing on chakras, which are located at specific points in the human body, thereby unblocking and freeing the pathways of the flows of energy.

Spiritual therapies through crystallization, aura healing, cupping therapy, and others are also fast gaining popularity even among non-New Age followers. Countless yoga practitioners testify to how much yoga has improved not only their physical well-being, but also their spiritual well-being as well. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand as the benefits of doing both at the same time are immeasurable.

Numerous people have resorted to New Age health practices to remedy the aches and pains that they feel in their bodies. The health and fitness industry has definitely not overlooked this. In fact, gyms, spas, resorts, and other health centers everywhere have started offering holistic health enhancements, energy treatments, and other special therapies to their clients.

With this new and refreshing outlook to achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit, it is no wonder that many male and female singles in the dating scene are attracted to the New Age approach to health and fitness.

Take your pick from the abundant health centers that have sprung up. Ask about the various treatments and packages that they offer. Choose what captures your interest the most and what fits your lifestyle best. You will not only find a lot of singles who are on the same wavelength as you are, but are also open to sharing their personal growth with you.

In the New Age philosophy, improving one's health is always accompanied with improving the other aspects of your life as well. After all, integrating the mind, the body, and the spirit, and possible sharing them with a significant other, is what New Age is all about.

It is the belief of New Age philosophy that we are all part of one life force. It is believed that we all share one and the same energy. The energies that flow within your body will attract other energies that balance with your own.